Visitor Management

Setting up your entity

In this step, you will be creating a new entity to accept visitors. You can create any number of entities. Example, you could have different entities for each branch of your business.

Start by linking your Dropbox account with Guesto

This step is needed if you want to import images and CSV files for various reasons.

  • Select Accounts tab at the bottom of the screen in Guesto. This page contains all of the accounts linked with Guesto. You can link any number of Eventbrite or Dropbox accounts with Guesto.
  • Tap sign and then tap Dropbox. You will be taken to Dropbox login page.
  • Enter your Dropbox login credentials and hit Sign In button. You will be taken to a confirmation page where you would need to confirm that you grant Guesto, permission to access your account. Tap Allow to link your account with Guesto.
  • Your Dropbox account will now be listed in the Accounts tab.
  • Repeat above steps if you want to add more Dropbox accounts.
Set up a new entity
  • Tap on Visitor Mgmt. tab at the bottom of the screen and tap on sign to create a new entity.
  • Enter your entity name and a URL for the terms and conditions for entry. The URL must be fully qualified or absolute url e.g. http(s)://
  • You can also add an entity image containing your branding etc. You can import an event image from your Dropbox account linked above. Just place any image in JPEG or PNG format in your Dropbox /Apps/Guesto folder to import. Choose between a portrait or landscape image based on how you will be using your iPad (i.e. in portrait or landscape mode) to check-in your guests.
  • Double check all of the details and then tap Save.
  • Your entity would be available in the Visitor Mgmt. tab
Adding & importing staffs to an entity

In this step, you can add or import staffs to your entity. This is an optional step but if want your staff to be notified on your visitor check-in then you will need to complete this step.

  • Select your entity under Visitor Mgmt. tab and choose Staff List.
  • Tap sign to choose between Add and import.
  • If you want to add one staff at a time, choose Add. Enter all of the staff details and tap Save.
  • If you want to import staff list from a CSV file, choose Import, select your Dropbox account and choose the CSV file containing your staff list. Your staff list can only contain the following columns: first name, last name, job title, department, email and phone no. Match fields as shown in the video below. If you couldn't find a matching field choose Skip, do not import.

Guesto strongly encourages E.164 number formatting for all phone numbers. This format is the internationally-standardized format for all phone numbers, and it includes all the relevant information to route SMS messages globally. E.164 numbers can have a maximum of fifteen digits and are usually written as follows: [+][country code][subscriber number including area code].

For example, to convert a US phone number like 415 555 2671 to E.164 format, you need to add the ‘+’ prefix and the country code (which is 1) in front of the number so it will look like +14155552671. In the UK, and many other countries internationally, local dialing requires the addition of a '0' in front of the subscriber number. However, to use E.164 formatting, this '0' must be removed. A number such as 020 7183 8750 in the UK would be formatted as +442071838750.

Setting up to check-in visitors

Select an entity from Visitor Mgmt. tab. You will be taken to the Options page. This page has following four sections:


    Tap Staff List to add, import, edit or delete staffs. Learn more about adding & importing staffs to your entity, here.


    Questionnaire contains the list of questions you want to ask your visitors to answer. You can either select the DEFAULT template provided or can create a custom questionnaire (instruction video below) and use it.

Name badges:

Name badges are a great networking tool at events when presented with the right information - like the guests first name, last name, job title, company and twitter handle.

  • If you want to issue name badges to your guests at the point of check-in turn the switch on for name badge printing.
  • Select “Printer” to search for a compatible wireless label printer - list of compatible label printers can be found here.
  • In order for Guesto to connect to the label printer ensure both your iPad and printer are connected to the same WIFI network. Refer manufacturer instructions on how to connect your printer to a WIFI network.
  • Choose an existing name badge template or create a custom one and select it. Refer to the video below on how to create a custom name badge template.
  • If you want your staffs to be notified on visitor check-in, flick the switch to on position. Your staff will now receive Email and SMS notifications when your visitors check-in.
  • This section shows how may check-in credits are available and how long it is valid until.

Double check all your selections and then choose Done. You are now ready to check-in your visitors.

In order to prevent your iPad from entering sleep mode after inactivity, go to iPad Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and set it to Never.


Visitors sign-in by tapping Sign-In button on the Welcome screen at which point they will be taken to the Visitor Registration Form. Visitors would enter their details, read & accept your terms and then tap register to sign-in. At this moment, if you have turned on notifications, your staff will be notified via Email and SMS about their visitor arrival.


Optional step. Visitors sign-out by tapping Sign-out button on the Welcome screen. They will be taken to the Sign-out page where they would select their name by searching, give a quick feedback on their experience and tap Sign-out.


Get a quick overview of visitor sign-ins or download all data as a CSV file using the report view.

  • Select Reports tab at the bottom of the screen in Guesto. Choose Visitor Management and then select your entity.
  • The report view contains two sections: CHECK-IN and FEEDBACK. Use the Filter button to filter by report type or time line.
  • To download the report as CSV, use the button & select your Dropbox account to download all data as a CSV file. You can find your report under /Apps/Guesto/Reports/ folder in your Dropbox. If you haven't linked your Dropbox account with Guesto check-out the instructions here.

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