Guesto Check-In App for iPad

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What is Guesto?

Guesto is an app for iPad that makes it super easy to manage check-ins and name badges for your business. Managing check-ins and issuing name badges has always been a pain for businesses as it involves manual labor. With Guesto everything from checking-in your guests, name badge printing and collecting feedback is managed for you.

Event Management

Manage your event check-ins by delegating it to your guests and focus on welcoming and socializing with them. Guests can self-check-in either by searching for their name or by scanning a QR code. Name badges are automatically issued when your guests check-in.

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Visitor Management

Keep track of your visitors at your business with Guesto. Automatically send SMS & Email notifications to your staff when your visitor checks-in. Name badges are automatically issued when your visitors check-in.

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