Visitor Management

Use Guesto check-in app to manage your visitor sign-ins and sign-outs. Just with an iPad and a label printer, you can use Guesto for managing visitor sign-ins, sign-outs, issuing name badges and collecting feedback.

Visitor Management

Product Features

Self Check-In

Let your visitors’ sign-in & sign-out themselves using the Guesto app on iPad. Both the sign-in & sign-out processes are intuitive and would not require any assistance from your end.

SMS & Email Notifications

Automatically send SMS & Email notifications to your staff instantly once a visitor checks-in using the Guesto app. No additional charges to use this feature.

Name Badges

Name badges are printed instantly using a wireless label printer during the check-in process. Currently label printers Brother QL-720NW & QL-710W are supported.


Get quick insights about your visitors & their feedbacks, and, easily customize and generate reports on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Get a quick feedback from your visitors about their experience during sign-out.


Use existing or create custom sign-in forms & name badge templates using our powerful template engine.

& Sign-Out

Guesto gives you the option to sign-in and sign-out guests. In addition visitors can leave a quick feedback on their visiting experience on sign-out.

Mode

mode screenshot

Sign-out Mode

Sign-out mode screenshot

Instant Reports

Get a quick insight on your sign-ins & feedback statuses or download reports as a CSV file.

Visitor Check-in report screenshot
Visitor Feedback report screenshot

Download Guesto

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