We are retiring Guesto on the 31st of October 2018. We are working on an update to Guesto which is expected to be available by January 2019.


Guesto Check-In App for iPad

Use Guesto check-in app to manage your events. Just with an iPad and a label printer, you can use Guesto for managing check-ins, issuing name badges and collecting feedback.

Watch this short blurb to get a quick overview of Guesto.

Product Features

Self Check-In

Let your guests self-check-in using the Guesto app either by searching for their name or by scanning a QR Code.

Name Badges

Name badges are printed instantly using a wireless label printer during the check-in process. Currently label printers Brother QL-720NW & QL-710W are supported.

Session Management

Manage sessions for free with Guesto app. Create sessions on Guesto app and then use Guesto Session app to check-in attendees for each session.

Connect your Eventbrite account

Seamless integration with Eventbrite. Events and guest list are automatically imported for you.

Not using Eventbrite?

Just download the guest list as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and drop into your Dropbox for easy import.


Get insights about your event, attendees and their feedbacks. Easily customize and generate reports at the end of the event.


Powerful template engine to design your name badges and feedback forms.

Unlock your door

Accept walk-ins at your event and issue them with name badges instantly.


Engaging with guests is critical during any event. With Guesto you can receive feedback from your guests anytime during the event. No additional charges to use this feature.

Dual Check-in Modes

Guesto gives you the option to check-in guests using the Search Mode where your guests can search for their name to check-in or the Barcode Mode where they can scan their QR code to check-in.

Search Mode

Display mode screenshot

Barcode Mode

Barcode mode screenshot

Instant Reports

Get a quick insight on your check-in & feedback statuses or download reports as a CSV file.

Check-in report screenshot
Feedback report screenshot

Session Management

Guesto gives you the option to create multiple sessions (e.g. VIP Session, Lunch Session). Once created, use Guesto Session app to check-in your guests. Guesto Session can be downloaded from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Login Page

Login page Screenshot

Sessions Page

Sessions pPage screenshot

Download Guesto

Download on the App Store

To download this app, visit the App Store on your iPad

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